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Pree Brulee Yellow Chains

pa lottery

Currently lusting over this yellow chain necklace from Pree Brulee.


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Happy Werewolf Girl in Thailand

And you thought you were having a bad hair day… Meet Supatra Sasuphan of Thailand, the world’s hairiest werewolf girl.

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Daily Find: Burlap Coffee Bags

Äæåê Ðè÷åð ôèëüì

Daily Find: Burlap Coffee Sacks

We went to one of our favorite local coffee shops for breakfast this morning and I left with an armful of these gems. Oh happy day!

coffee bean sack

I have been looking for a local shop that sells their burlap coffee sacks for quite some time now. Typically they should not be so hard to find, unless you live in Park City where Starbucks prevails as the coffee king. I love my Starbucks, but just saying.

Anyways, I’ve slowly been collecting burlap coffee bags from all over for a variety of craft projects that have been on my mind. Let the DIYing begin! Many, many pins and posts to follow.

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