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The Perfect Rice Krispy Treat Recipe

It’s that time again. Super Bowl 2012 and Valentine’s Day are coming up.


If you are looking for something to wow your lovers and friends look, no further. Rice Krispies are delicious, simple, and easy on the eyes.

On my search for the perfect rice krispy recipe I came across one with a little more marshmallow and a little less butter. Perfect!


Pretending-You’re-a-Housewife Prefect Rice Krispy Treat Recipe

    4 Tbsp Butter
    5 cups mini marshmallows
    5 3/4 cup Rice Krispy Cereal

    1. Heat butter over low heat in a pan until melted.

    2. Add in marshmallows, frequently stirring until melted.

    3. Add in Rice Crispy Cereal. Remove from heat and mix.

    4. Transfer to a buttered pan, cover with wax paper and press.

    5. Let cool for 20 minutes. Spread wax paper on a flat surface and remove pressed rice krispy treats from pan.

    6. Lay the block of rice krispy flat and begin cutting shapes out with your favorite cookie cutters.

    7. Melt dark or milk chocolate chips in a double broiler and drizzle over rice Krispy shapes.


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