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Tom Wallisch is a beast.

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Big Cottonwood

Just a few photos from Big Cottonwood and Brighton Resort.

My buddy Jake Vivori and I took a nice drive up the canyon to catch a glimpse of some of the first snow of the season. It is not only beautiful on the way up but as you can see, there was enough snow to be able to throw our ski gear on and go hit up a buddies rail spot. I can’t express to you how awesome this weekend was and now that it is staying cold, it is only going to get better. Rail spot photos are coming soon.

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It’s Snowing

Finally.. The season is ramping up. Skiers and Boarders are sharing the excitement as the white stuff falls from the sky. Picking up new ski gear, Watching Edits and going to all the new movie premiers is what this time of the year is all about. I can’t wait to strap up and slide on some snow!

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That Guy Thursday

We have set a new standard for That Guy Thursday, enjoy.

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